Retirement may seem a long way off, or it may be looming very soon. Whatever your circumstances, Peter Richards Financial Ltd can set a plan in place to help you secure a more comfortable retirement.
There have been a lot of changes made over recent years to public and private sector pensions; a huge increase in the range and flexibility of options for both how your money is invested and how it can provide you with an income in retirement.
We can review your existing pensions or can arrange a new pension to suit your circumstances.
We can assess your objectives and goals to help you achieve financial security in your retirement, including:
 How much can I afford to save?
 How much income will I need in retirement to maintain or improve my lifestyle?
 How much have I invested in pension schemes already and will there be a shortfall as I approach retirement?
 Should I take my pension as a lump sum or regular retirement income?
We will be with you during your retirement to make sure that your income lasts and works with you.

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